New Horizons Introductions

New Horizons Introductions

01449 722800 / 07771 884429


How do I join the Dating Agency?

It’s easy, give us a call on 01449 722800 and we’ll guide you through our simple process.

We invite you to come and see us at one of our offices, have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat lasting between half an hour and an hour, during which we get to know you and find out about the sort of person you are hoping to meet.

We offer you a free photo-session – or you can give us your own photographs if you prefer,

What happens then?

The next stage is that we prepare a personal introduction profile for you, which you have the opportunity to make changes to and approve before anyone else sees it.

Once you have approved your profile, we then start matching you with our database of members, selecting according to age and location.

We then hand select from the list of members we get, to see who is likely to be best matched to your preferences taking into account all the other factors you have given us.

Can I just come to the Singles Social Events?

Yes of course! just give us a call and we will explain how it all works and you can probably join immediately.

social events for singles
meet single people

Some people would just like to come and join in with our singles social events.  That’s fine, we have many Social Event members.  Many members find their someone special at one of these events

When do I start meeting people?

As soon as you have approved your profile, we begin the searching and matching process.  When we identify someone whom we believe may be of interest to you (and vice versa).  We send you their profile and we also send your profile to them.

We encourage both parties to take the initiative in making the first contact.  We usually provide a telephone number and an email address on the profile, so you can contact the other person by either means as you feel most comfortable.  If someone has put a mobile number on their profile, you can also send them a text message.

You are then free to chat and arrange to meet if you both agree.